Duhabi, Sunsari, Nepal

Goals & Objectives

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  • To develop the microfinance services as autonomous and self- sustain institution with its profession working process of leader and staffs.
  • To provide credit facilities to the poor vulnerable communities in easier service process.
  • To aware the grassroots and poor people on improvement in agriculture development, education, health hygiene and other social practices.
  • To conduct the capacity building and exposure programs for group and clients in cooperation with different agencies.
  • To promote the Social- economic condition of women through credit mobilization.
  • To provide skill development in income generation of community groups and entrepreneurship activities.
  • To conduct need base various training programs for ensure strengthen the condition of poor people.
  • To aware the women and humanitarian rights of poor and vulnerable minorities.
  • To conduct welfares programs in the field of socio-economic, cultural and ecology as well as humanitarian in the region.
  • To uplift the social and economic status of the deprived community through sustainable development.


  • To expand the Organization through increasing group and members in rural and urban areas.
  • To improve the socio- financial condition of women and poor communities.
  • To make the community self- dependent of poor vulnerable people in financially, Socially, Politically enhance to utilization of local resources.
  • To access the community resources and protect their Human rights and their good governance.
  • To Conduct Microfinance program and relating training on enterprise groups, awareness campaigns, Domestic violence against the Women and Child.