Duhabi, Sunsari, Nepal

Success Story

Forum for Rural Women Ardency Development (FORWARD) established in Paush 2051 (Dec 1994), it had been formally registered in 18 Baisakh, 2052 (May 1995). Additionally, it is licensed by Nepal Rasta Bank (Central Bank of Nepal) under financial intermediary Act in 15-paush, 2059 (Dec 2002), affiliated in social welfare council, NGO Federation of Nepal, also the organization has membership in many other Networks / Societies like NGOCC, RMDC, Local Trust Fund Board and many other related NGOs, INGOs and linkage with many other financial Institutions. FORWARD is located at Duhabi, Sunsari, eastern part of Nepal and also working as a non-governmental financial intermediary organization (FINGO). FORWARD is managed by compatible and committed women professional groups and works for backward vulnerable, indigenous people and communities on right based programs for empowering them in sustainable manner. FORWARD developed trust among their supporters through participation and partnership approach of cooperation of ideas, collective views in order to significant role in poverty alleviation and obligation to help against poverty through microfinance, social development and institutional development program. FORWARD raised their voices against the domestic violence of women, child and vulnerable community through mass awareness and advocacy programme. FORWARD conducted various social and livelihood programme in the field of community health, hygiene, improvement of traditional practices of agriculture productivity, livestock and entrepreneurship development. FORWARD enhanced capacity for small farmers and irrigation user’s committee people through various technical farming, irrigation operation/ maintenance and on-farm water management training in eastern region of Nepal. FORWARD conducted various socio-economic programmes in the field of MDGs education, health and poverty alleviation given priority to empower the deprived communities since 16 years. FORWARD has wide range of experiences in the field of education, health, water supply and sanitation, action research, and overall for livelihood promotion (agriculture development, natural resource management, forest development, entrepreneurship development, livestock development etc).

Competency of the organization and Market linkages

  • Micro-credit Operation,
  • Low Cost earthquake resistant rural housing;
  • Commercial agriculture development, Livestock,
  • Natural resources conservation and management,
  • Community Health and hygiene,
  • Income generation activities,
  • Capacity building through Skill based vocational training for Entrepreneurs development,
  • Women leadership development

FORWARD has very good past record in the field of agriculture, irrigation and enterprise development. FORWARD has well experienced of situation analysis of local stakeholders in the organisational working area of eastern, central region, western, mid and far western region of Nepal. Women empowerment and entrepreneurship developed in technical support of microfinance programme and as well as social development department of organisation.

Currently, FORWARD is mainly engaged in low cost earthquake resistance rural housing as well as community health and hygiene development including mason training for employment generation. In this regards, FORWARD Nepal has successfully improved the process of making housing more affordable to the poor in Nepal in technical assistance with Habitat for Humanity International Nepal and engaged in: -

  • Construct house for poor and deprived community of 10,000 families and production centres in 2012-2016;
  • Assist the FORWARD clients and staffs to understand the importance of increment of earthquake resistant and low cost house buildings of poor's, the use of local material and the technologies as way forward for a sustainable housing program;
  • Providing knowledge, skills, and technologies of building simple, affordable and environmentally friendly houses;
  • Providing knowledge on disaster resilient housing to local community and staffs;
  • Coordination with Local government entities for capacity enhancement to implement Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs;
  • Conducting PASSA (Participatory Approach on Safe Shelter Awareness) training for local communities and staffs;
  • Conducting mason training, orientations for specific subjects of importance to the campaign and on cost effective construction to staffs and beneficiaries of the partner;

FORWARD provided their social and financial services based on Value Chain by means of Horizontal and Vertical Integration. Horizontal integration, acquisition of a competitor or by adding the outlets e.g. the SCGs (saving-credit groups), market agents, etc for wholesale lending to the chain by means of technical support to develop their own entrepreneurship. Similarly, Vertical integration made through forward and backward integration. Forward Integration meant controlling of market through expansion of various unit centres under their branches as well as easy access to provide supply as per the demand of people in the market.